Song of the Day: “Modern Major General (Salarian Style)” from Mass Effect 2

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Mass Effect 2 is my favorite video game of all time. It’s absolutely brimming with great characters, phenomenal writing, and surprising moments. A lot of them are dramatic, like Jack’s breakdown during her romance scene, or semi-intentionally hammy, like Shepard shouting “this store discriminates against the poor!” in the Citadel.

But no moment tops the sheer comic giddiness of Mordin — easily a top 5 character in the Mass Effect canon — revealing that he has a soft spot for the arts, specifically Gilbert and Sullivan. He proceeds to sing an adapted version of the Pirates of Penzance patter masterpiece “Modern Major General,” with lyrics re-written to fit Mordin’s character as a galactic scientist.

Maybe out of context it doesn’t quite marvel, but in the moment, when you’re not quite expecting it, it’s a brilliant blast of charm and personality for a game not lacking in either.

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