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“The Earn This Podcast (aka the ETCast) is EarnThis.Net in podcast form: Thoughtful discussions about art, entertainment, and pop culture. We’re all friends who talk about these things even when the mic is off, so the result is a casual and free-flowing conversation full of laughs and occasional interruptions.”

Staff Series

mix-thisMix This

 Read about songs, movies, etc. that all fall under a specific category.

“The idea is simple — one or more of us select a category. Then, we each choose a few things from that category and write about those things. The categories can be broad or hyper-specific, selections can span one medium or multiple, entries can be short bullet points or huge diatribes. And that’s the point — with Mix This, we like to mix it up.”

 rankthisRank This

Read best-of countdown lists of songs, movies, albums, and more.

“Here at Earn This, we are big fans of “countdown lists” — rankings of the best/worst of anything. “Rank This” is a recurring series where we rank and countdown our favorites and least favorites of specific items of specific categories.”


Since 2009, Earn This has written in-depth retrospectives of some of our favorite musical artists, TV shows, and movie series. We’ve collected them on this page under the banner of “Thistory” (Earn This + History? Get it?). These critical narratives explore the history and development of distinct creative voices. We love learning all about our favorite music, film, and TV, and we love sharing their stories.

Single-Author Series

brian3Brian Terrill’s 100 Film Favorites

“My next 100 posts will feature short reviews of my Top 100 Favorite Films. Actually, since my tastes may change and I’ll probably see more movies in the months to come, some films on the list may change ranking or be replaced entirely, so it’s more fitting to call them 100 of my “Film Favorites” rather than my absolutely “Favorite Films.” Regardless, these are all films I love and which I wouldn’t need an excuse to sit down and watch with any of you if given half a chance.”

dan-walkingDan’s Top 100 Everything

“There is no one medium that I want to write extensively about, though, so I am lumping them all together. That’s right, this countdown is a ranking of my favorite music, movies, shows, books, games, etc. all piled together in one list. My Top 100 Everything. Not included: people (except as a grouping of the art he/she has made), places, organizations, memories, sports teams, etc… I am excited to have you join me on this countdown. I love everything on this list, and I’m especially excited to get to write about the things at the top of this list, my absolute favorites.”

twy-kevinThe Wonder Years Recaps

Read Dan’s reviews of every episode of the first three seasons of The Wonder Years, with reviews for seasons 4-6 upcoming.

“The Wonder Years has crafted a portrait of the complex, often paradoxical nature of growing up… Growing up is loss: Of innocence, of old friendships, of cherished memories — sometimes, of hope.”

pokemonpostersAndrew Kim’s Pokemon Movies Retrospective

“This 16-entry long article series will cover each Pokemon film, each with its own nostalgia-free article talking about the basic premise of the film, the history surrounding the franchise at the time of the film’s release, differences I noted between the English translated dubbing and the original Japanese dub, and my thoughts and impressions on the film as a whole… We will go through all the films in chronological order from the first all the way through to the sixteenth as part of a weekly serialization.”

StreetlightMThe Top 100 Ska-Punk Songs

Read Will’s picks for the 100 best Ska-Punk songs.

“I spent about two months preparing this list. First, I assembled a pool of 1300 songs, which I narrowed to 100 and ordered. After weeks of tinkering with the list, I conceded that my list would change all the time, and settled on a list that approximates what I’ve felt recently about these songs.”

On3VC10 Things Brian Likes

Read Brian’s ten lists of ten things he likes.

“To keep pace with Dan’s Top 100 Everything and tide everyone over until my inevitable Top TV Countdown rolls around, I present “10 Things Brian Likes,” a series of vaguely Buzzfeed-esque list articles centered around things I like which might not fit into our standard Earn This categories.”

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