The Earn This Podcast, Episode 27: Top Ten Games #5-1

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Listen to Part 1 (#10-6) here.

The long-awaited finale is finally here! With their oddball picks out of the way, Dan, Collin, and Brian drill down into the hardcore classics, occasionally challenging and contradicting each other.


Dan S.

Dan is the editor of Earn This. He co-founded the site in 2009.

Brian T.

Brian T.

Brian is the host of the TV show Count Gauntly's Horrors from the Public Domain and the creator of Brian Terrill Movie Night. He joined Earn This in 2013.

Collin W.

Collin W.

Collin is the world's biggest fan of the Earn This Podcast. He's video game collector, competitive Smash Bros player, and Mountain Dew connoisseur. Follow him on Twitter.

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