Song of the Day: “Katamari Nah-Nah” from Katamari Damacy

My brother Brad is currently spending a year-long retreat in Colorado as part of seminary. As a result, I have been sending him a bunch of snail-mail letters. This week, I’m honoring seven songs that remind me of him. My reflections will be in epistolary form, and I’ll actually print them out and mail them.

Dear Brad,

I conclude this series of song reviews, and nearly conclude my set of letters to you during Lent, with an Easter delight and April Fools throwback.

Back before “Rick Rolling” was really a thing I remember that you and I would try to get each other to listen the “Nah-Nah Katamari” song all the time. The dumb song was one of our favorite parts of playing Katamari Damacy together on the PS2. In fact I’m imagining you singing the song during the intro screen right now. I can hear it perfectly in my head.

The times were great when we all lived together under the same roof, all the brothers united. Looking back, I admire how much we were often on the same wavelength despite having our own lives. We were always doing things together and messing with each other.

With my growing family, and your upcoming vows, it’s looking like we will never live under the same roof again. Maybe not even the same town or state. But I’m comforted by the confidence that we will always have a bond, always be able to share jokes and ideas and memories together, even If it’s something silly and dumb. Even if it’s the “Katamari Nah-Nah” song.

So good, mon!

Yours in rolling a little ball until it gets bigger and bigger and eventually rolls up the whole world,


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