Song of the Day: “Dracula’s Lament” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (A Taste for Love)

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I’m an avowed fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall — it was basically the perfect comedy for me in college, and I’ll always hold it close to my heart.

One of the film’s stand out moments is when the character played by Jason Segel (maybe my favorite comedy actor of 00’s) is put on the spot to perform a song from the Dracula musical he’s been writing called A Taste for Love.

The result, a piano-scored ballad sung by Segel in an exaggerated Transylvanian accent, is cringe-inducing and also beautiful. It’s a turning point for the comedy’s romance between Segel’s Peter and Mila Kunis’s Rachel. The probing, enchanted gaze Kunis gives when Segel sings “…how much I love you…” is so convincing it’s almost enough to sell that Rachel would fall for Peter.

Between this and the song Ed Helms sings about tigers in the middle of The Hangover, the late aughts were a rich time for unexpected, great musical moments in raunchy comedies.

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