Song of the Day: “Folgers” by Rockapella

This week, I’ll be writing about some a cappella songs I like. I’m sorry this week doesn’t have a catchy tagline like “Get Pitch Slapped.”

A few years ago Brian ranked his favorites commercial jingles for this site, and it’s one of my favorite articles in the history of the site. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe I just like talking and thinking about dumb stuff like jingles. I frequently revisit the post, as the length of the comment section will indicate. I’m honored to say that I was able to provide a bit of the article myself: Here is my anecdote about his personal Number Seven Greatest Advertising Jingle: Folgers Coffee, performed by Rockapella.

When I was in high school, I went to a weeklong summer service program every summer. They would wake us up every morning by playing a song over the loudspeaker.

One morning they woke us up with an a capella version of  the Folgers commercial. I only heard it semi-consciously but I instantly thought it was the greatest thing ever. When I got home, I searched for it on YouTube, but this was when YouTube was like 1 year old and there were only a few videos on it. I couldn’t find it. And because I had only heard it while half-awake, I wasn’t even sure if I was remembering it properly: Was it a capella or did it just have good harmonies? Was it the Folgers jingle or something else similar? Could it possibly be as great as I remember it being? I looked a few more times online with no luck. I gradually forgot about it, dismissing it as something I’d either misremembered or would never find.

That is, until I clicked on the link in your post yesterday. Ten-year-old memories and emotions came flooding back. I instantly knew it was the thing I heard that camp morning so long ago. WTF!? It exists!? And it’s just as great as I remembered it… maybe even better. So catchy and uplifting, beautifully sung and harmonized.

Note: This song is not on Spotify, so is not on my playlist!

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Click here for the full list

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