Song of the Day: “Levels” by Nick Jonas

As previously mentioned I have a soft spot for most boy bands. In particular, I enjoy those that bring a power pop edge to their performance. Thus, it should not surprise you but I actually kind of dug the Jonas Brothers. Seriously.

After the band broke up, and I didn’t devote much effort to following the various brothers’ careers in detail. But I have enjoyed most of what I’ve heard. They’ve each largely kept an aesthetic not too far off from their JB days. “Jealous” by Nick is the biggest hit, and Joe scored a hit a couple years ago with his new band, DNCE, in “Cake by the Ocean.”

But my favorite track post-Joe Bros is “Levels” by Nick, which has a fun and funky production that complements the composition that boasts about 16 different hooks. And while I sometimes dislike it when poppy songs have busy, borderline gimmicky productions, I think it only brings out the charm more in “Levels.”


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