ETCast, Episode 004 – Community, TV theme songs


Brian and I recently sat down to record the fourth episode of the Earn This Podcast. Our two main points of discussion:

  • TV theme songs — what are our favorites, what are the different types, what separates good ones from bad ones. Also hear Brian and Dan sing a couple of their favorites.
  • The show Community — how did Brian and I each discover this show, why do we each love it, what are some of our favorite episodes, what makes it special.

It proved a fruitful and laugh-filled hour. Enjoy! (And scroll below to see our bonus episode.)

Download link (you may have to right click and “Save As”)

A couple notes:

  • We got a new mic! That’s why we sound better! And why you can hear me sip my beer, apparently… sorry ’bout that.
  • Read Brian’s Small-Screen 66 over at his blog, Brian Terrill Movie Night
  • Here is a link to my Community article in my Top 100 Everything.
  • Here is a link to the Parks and Rec “Jabba the Hutt” parody I mentioned.





As alluded to at the end of the episode, we never got around to discussing our Mystery Show X before time ran out, so we recorded a special bonus episode of the ETCast.

BONUS EPISODE: ETCast Episode 004B – Mystery Show X



Brian T.

Brian T.

Brian is the host of the TV show Count Gauntly's Horrors from the Public Domain and the creator of Brian Terrill Movie Night. He joined Earn This in 2013.

Dan S.

Dan is the editor of Earn This. He co-founded the site in 2009.

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