Movie Review Podcast: Tokyo Drifter (1966) feat. Will – Japanecdotes

Dan’s brother Will phones in from Japan to discuss the outrageous B-movie Tokyo Drifter. Dan, Brian, and Will discuss the film’s off-kilter storytelling and low-budget roots, breaking down both the stylistic chutzpah and thematic underbelly of the cult-hit Yakuza flick. Will revels in the film’s “bombastic” visuals and dark humor, while Brian and Dan draw comparisons to some previous Goods selections. The three play a round of “Does It Make Sense?” (as a spinoff to our signature “Is It Good?”). Lastly, the group discusses the director’s follow-up, Branded to Kill, and Will shares a couple of stories from life in Japan.

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RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod

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