ETCast, Episode 004B – Remembering Avatar: The Last Airbender


Bonus episode!

During ETCast, Episode 4, Brian and I alluded to a show we wanted to discuss, but ran out of time to discuss. So we decided to record it as a mini bonus episode: Here’s our impassioned reflection on Avatar: The Last Airbender (approximately three beers in).

(Here is my accompanying article in my Top 100 Everything.)

Brian and I tackle such hard-hitting topics as: Why do we adore this show? What are our favorite characters? What do we think of shipping? (Hear us sing a couple bars of “Brave Little Soldier Boy,” too.)

Download link (you may have to right click and “Save As”)

We loved recording this, and hope you enjoy it, too! One note: Avatar is actually not on Netflix anymore! 🙁


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5 thoughts on “ETCast, Episode 004B – Remembering Avatar: The Last Airbender

  1. Was going to say the same thing about Netflix. One other addendum: Not sure if it belongs here or on the other one, but “Mary Kay and Johnny” an early sitcom which began airing in 1947, was apparently the first show to feature a couple sharing a bed. But the actors were married IRL. The first TV couple to share a bed were the Munsters…unless you count animation, in which case it’s the Flintstones.

    Source (aside from my own amazing memory – what I said in the podcast was basically correct):

      • Although, I did manage to confuse “The Great Divide” with the “secret tunnel” episode, so I guess the net gain to my pop culture cred is pretty much zero.

        • “Great Divide” and the “secret tunnel” episode have some plot similarities, but, yeah, the “secret tunnel” episode has the “secret tunnel” song, so no excuse.

          • Tunnel, canyon, they’re both narrow passageways surrounded by rock. And they both had weird animals living inside.

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