Song of the Day: “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

There was never a time as good as the ‘80s for huge, singalong refrains. These seven radio staples have all the nutritional value of Cheez-Whiz and all the grace of a two-by-four to the face, and all of them are incredible. This week, I present Epic Anthem Choruses of the ‘80s.

You hear the opening lyrics: “She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean.” Like magic, you’re now sitting on a deck sipping a cheap pilsner in the mid-July. At least, you are in your mind.

There are a lot of great songs in this world. Many of them evoke specific images or sensations. They’re indelibly ingrained in our shared consciousness as a symbol. It’s why Hollywood keeps using the same handful of songs to evoke moments and character beats.

Yet I’m not sure there’s a song that does it better than “You Shook Me All Night Long” evokes suburban barbecues. It’s the ultimate summer playlist pick. Number one all time, with apologies to “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Every part of this song is great; AC/DC’s trademark swagger comes out here as maximum crowd-pleasing fun. But the song’s peak is its chorus. If you manage to get through this song without singing “shook me allll night long,” then you have more willpower than someone eating one Lay’s potato chip. Even if you’re listening on headphones in the library, you at least hummed it to yourself.

Click here for the full list

Click here for the full list

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