Song of the Day: “Chicago” by Bentham

In September, I went to a music festival in the heart of Tokyo called TOKYO CALLING. Over 300(!!!) groups performed over the three-day festival, many with no more than a dozen people in the audience. Here are some songs from my favorite performances I saw there. 

If you like hectic, syncopated, upbeat rock, you’ll like Bentham. There’s a great energy to their music, and between the strong vocals and shredded guitar riffs, you can tell they’re all brilliant musicians. At the live performance, though, one in particular stood out, and that is the bassist. The dude is a freak of nature. There’s not too much to say about this performance. The crowd was maybe a hundred people. It was loud, energetic, and an absolute blast, just like you’d expect from any rock concert.

This song was the first that I liked by the band, and with its heavy use of syncopation; hard-rocking, catchy chorus, and killer guitar riffs, I think it’s pretty representative of the band.

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