Song of the Day: “Rainy Dance Floor” by Unchain

In September, I went to a music festival in the heart of Tokyo called TOKYO CALLING. Over 300(!!!) groups performed over the three-day festival, many with no more than a dozen people in the audience. Here are some songs from my favorite performances I saw there. 

Of all the groups I saw at TOKYO CALLLING, I almost want to recommend Unchain the most. Their music has wide appeal, with its jazzy production, great vocals, and bright melodies. They’re veterans at performing live as well, commenting that they’d been going at it for 20(or maybe it was 30?) years during the show. It was a fun performance, and it showcased how talented their musicians are.

I don’t remember if they played this song live(it’s hard to identify the songs when you can only understand a third of the lyrics), but this is one of my favorites by them. It’s catchy all the way through, from the bass riff to the chorus, and I find it hard not to bob my head along as they shout “Rainy Dance Floor” at me.

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