Song of the Day: “Touch Me” by The Doors

I know that The Doors are supposed to be this monumental, influential band… that their references to spirituality and drug use were groundbreaking… that there are plenty of people who adore Jim Morrison as a poet and singular voice ahead of his time…

But The Doors have never really done it for me. They rock hard, and sumptuously, but their tunes generally seems turgid and leaden. Their songs, while fine, rarely connect with me on an emotional or exhilaration level. I just don’t get it, man.

The major exception is “Touch Me,” passionate and sleazy and dramatic. Where the band’s seriousness often weighs them down, here they sounds liberated by their sonic ambition (and horniness).

The track is instantly recognizable with a signature keyboard and rhythm that stays in your head. The lyrics work, too: The simple and universal message of physical attraction is perfectly manifested. Those horns and keys just sounds so good together.

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