Song of the Day: “Oblivion” by Grimes

Grimes caught my eye following Pitchfork’s glowing reviews, particularly of this track: At the end of 2014, they called it the best song of the first half of the decade, with a very thoughtful analysis of the song’s and its music video’s politics and resonance. I agree with their take, but I won’t bother recapping it; read it here.

What makes the song so relistenable for me, beyond the lyrical weight, is the song’s gloomy production, and the hypnotizing contrast that Grimes’ high-pitched crooning provides. It draws me in every time.

Is it really the “best” song of the past seven years? It’s tough to say. The monoculture is increasingly fractured; diverse music is released faster and faster, with smaller and more passionate audiences. But if I were to rank the twenty or so songs of the decade that have stuck with me, “Oblivion” would be there. (I did pick ten favorite songs of 2010-15, and it didn’t make the cut, but it was in the mix and would have been included if I’d gone to 15.)

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