Song of the Day: “We Are Number One” from Lazytown

Brian mostly writes about movies and TV, but he’s contributed some music commentary over the years. This week, I’m revisiting seven some of his song reviews and recommendations.

“We Are Number One” — From a Facebook message on 10/23/16 at 10:36 pm

thought this might be up your alley [link to hour-long loop of “We are Number One”]

Dan’s take:

Brian sending me “We Are Number One” is quite possibly the most influential Facebook message I’ve ever received. It’s certainly up there.

After he sent it to me, I promptly listened and forwarded to my brothers. And re-listened. A hundred times, probably. I immersed myself in the “shitposting” / memeing / remixing of the song in a way I haven’t for anything since the Space Jam song (still the king in my heart).

Though it’s from a weird/semi-creepy kids’ show, I genuinely love this song. It’s like the greatest Aquabats song ever written, a dancey, schticky ska banger.

In fact, I love it so much, I recorded a karaoke version for myself that I sent to my brothers as part of a package of “Dan Sings Badly” songs that I gifted them for Christmas two years ago. I don’t think I can ever run for political office, because if that leaks, no one will ever vote for me.

Somehow, Brian got his hands on a copy. He’s apparently a fan of the badness…

From a text message on 1/10/17 at 11:45 am

Just discovered you did a We Are Number One cover. It’s transcendent .

Click here for the full list

Click here for the full list

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