Song of the Day: “The BBQ Song” by Rhett and Link


Brian mostly writes about movies and TV, but he’s contributed some music commentary over the years. This week, I’m revisiting seven some of his song reviews and recommendations.

“The BBQ Song” by Rhett and Link – From “10 Things Brian Likes #4 – Rhett and Link” (2014)

I know I’m not normally one of the “music” guys here at Earn This…but “The BBQ Song” (I swear their titles get more interesting eventually) exhibits some remarkable musicianship. Not only can they make us chuckle – these guys can SING! Backed by a bluegrass ensemble, Rhett & Link demonstrate some impressive harmonies, all while delivering a surprisingly informative lesson on barbecue and the many forms it takes throughout the American South. Sure, they got the state outlines a little mixed up (perhaps a joke that no one has gotten yet), and they leave out Virginia yet mention Kentucky (those guys didn’t even secede), but this BBQ ballad still stands as one of the duo’s finest.

I have found few people who will speak about anything with such passion and intensity as Brian speaks of Rhett and Link in his amazing tribute. He made me want to be a fan of the comedy musicians.

I suggest you read and listen to every one of the videos linked to in Brian’s article. It’s hard not to have an appreciation for their comedy and initiative with the sampling Brian provides us.

My favorite among the tracks Brian illuminated us to is “The BBQ Song,” an ode to barbecue across the southern states. I’m hungry just listening to it. It’s the epitome of entertain-and-educate format, as R&L provide a brief summary of the different styles of southern, sauce-seasoned cuisine. Perhaps the duo got more creative as time passed (see the video of pillows following if you disagree), but never in a way that made me more appreciative than “The BBQ Song.”

Click here for the full list

Click here for the full list

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  1. And when my life is through,
    Bury me in barbecue
    But make sure it’s vinegar-based
    Cuz you know that slows decay

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