Song of the Day: “Nowhere With You” by Joel Plaskett Emergency

Will [5:50 PM]:
is there a better song
goodbye stranger by supertramp?
no, there is not
dan you should just stop your song of the day articles
b/c the song of the day
every day
is goodbye stranger
by supertramp

Dan [6:37 PM]:
My rule is one song per artist, so i can’t pick it every day
Maybe I’ll do a “songs that aren’t goodbye stranger week”
and rate each song based on how similar it is to Goodbye Stranger

Decades and genres apart, “Nowhere With You” is, on the surface, a far cry from “Goodbye Stranger.”

But let’s review the similarities: Both have bittersweet lyrics yet affirmative sounds. You can make the case that both songs are about late-night hook-ups. “Nowhere With You” is just as tuneful as “Goodbye Stranger” and even more energetic, if never as compelling.

“Nowhere With You” thrives on its all-acoustic timbre, while “Goodbye Stranger” constructs a fuller, more layered sound of keyboards, synths, and guitars. And “Nowhere To You” leans on a “nah-nah-nah” chorus to “Goodbye Stranger’s” structural trademark: a contrapuntal, two-pronged chorus.

And the difference run deeper: “Nowhere With You” effervesces, as if sheer enthusiasm can overpower everything else. Meanwhile “Goodbye Stranger” takes a more contemplative tone. The latter offers more to parse and consider, while the former is a one-shot, albeit a charming one-shot.

I grade “Nowhere With You”‘s similarity to “Goodbye Stranger”: ★★★ out of ★★★★★.

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Click here for the full list

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