Song of the Day: “Ikari Wo Kureyo” by Glim Spanky

This week, Dan’s brother Will is a guest host for the Song of the Day (or この日の歌).

When you can’t understand the words, the voice just becomes another instrument.

The vocal performance in this song takes a good song and makes it great. Invoking the aesthetic of Janis Joplin in her vocals, Remi Matsuo’s husky voice compliments the heavy backing track to great results.

Glim Spanky had humble beginnings. Formed by Matsuo in her sophomore year of high school to perform covers at the high school culture festival, they have since risen to national prominence. This song was featured as the theme for a recent ONE PIECE movie (As a side note, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, a band I earlier talked about, also had a song featured as the theme of a ONE PIECE movie)

For those of you reading who don’t know, let me provide some context on the significance of this. ONE PIECE, as a multi-media franchise, has a cultural saturation on par with something like Harry Potter. I have heard drunken arguments at bars over who a better character is – Zorro or Sanji. I’ve had people introduce themselves to me as “Nami, like from ONE PIECE.” My supervisor has a ONE PIECE mouse pad. It’s a big deal.

That Glim Spanky’s music has become so popular is not really surprising considering how good it is. From the guitar riffs to the slick drum beats, it oozes style to the point that I imagine myself hurtling down the interstate with this song blaring out of my Cadillac speakers.

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