In which the Annie Awards redeem some credibility

In the past I have analyzed and criticized the Annie Awards. Here is an update on the situation.

Hey, I guess someone out there is listening to me*!

Less than a month after I discussed the flawed voting structure, ASIFA-Hollywood elected a new president and vice president. The outgoing president — Antran Manoogian, who, though his name sounds like he should be, is not an alien — had held the position for more than 20 years. But the recent controversy with the Annie Awards must have caused him to lose support, as animation historians and guru Frank Gladstone took the new position.

The new vice president is Jerry Beck, who is kind of a big deal in the animation history circle. His Animated Movie Guide is the #1 most useful (and fun to read) animation reference in my library. Along with numerous other achievements and contributions to the bibliography of animation history, he also writes for the unsurpassed Cartoon Brew blog.

I don’t know much about Gladstone, but his credentials check out. He and Beck will likely do great things at the head of the association. Most importantly, they’ve promised to reform Annie voting, so the preimier animation awards platform will see a return to respectability.

*yes, I’m 100% certain it was me they heard, not common sense or the dozens of other writers who called out the awards


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