The Earn This Podcast, Episode 12, Part 2 — History of the Grammy Award for Best New Artist (1991-2015, Rankings)


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In case you missed it: here is a link to part 1, covering 1960-1990

This is the second half of the podcast Colton and I recorded in the wake of the Grammies walking through and evaluating the history of the Best New Artist award. (Spoiler alert: It’s a dumpster fire.)

In addition to looking at the nominees and winners for each year, we put together a list for the five BEST and WORST winners at the end of the podcast.

A couple corrections and notes on this episode:

  • Colton correctly guessed that Crash Test Dummies’ hit was titled “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”
  • Here’s a link to Colton’s ranking of the best/worst Grammy winners
  • Upon relistening, I realized we used the phrase “not what this award is about” frequently as a euphemism without really defining it until the end (and even then, vaguely): So, to clarify, what I mean (and I think what Colton means) is that Best New Artist, like most of the general Grammy Awards (Best Album, Best Song, etc.), is a pop-centric award honoring the craft, success, and cultural zeitgeist of broadly-appealing, mainstream artists. Therefore, musicians who fall into niches or non-pop genres can be less appropriate as picks/nominees for this award without being any less worthy as artists.


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