The Earn This Podcast, Episode 26: Reflecting on Love Actually



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A couple years ago, Dan shared his ranking of Love Actually‘s nine stories. It inspired Brian to watch the movie and share his experience in the comments.

Now, Dan and Brian reunite to watch the movie once more and dish on its many eccentricities, good and bad (mostly bad). They reflect on the strangeness of basically every relationship in the movie, the frequently sexist plotting, the surprisingly moving score, Andrew Lincoln’s remarkably awful character, the difference between an R-rating in England and the US, and America’s strong presence throughout the film.


Dan S.

Dan is the editor of Earn This. He co-founded the site in 2009.

Brian T.

Brian T.

Brian is the host of the TV show Count Gauntly's Horrors from the Public Domain and the creator of Brian Terrill Movie Night. He joined Earn This in 2013.

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