The Top 10 Twilight Zone Episodes No One Talks About

The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite television series of all time. If you’ve been following along with my “Small-Screen 66” series, you can expect it to earn a place of honor. Arguably the greatest anthology series ever made, the show is packed to bursting with creepy creatures, unforgettable twists, and man’s inhumanity to man.…

C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka, David Zayas as Angel Batista , Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, James Remar as Harry Morgan and Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn (Season 8) - Photo: Jim Fiscus/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: red-cast-107_RGB_300

Brian Terrill’s Small-Screen 66 – #50: “Dexter”

Small-Screen 66 – #50: Dexter (Showtime, 2006-13) “Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again and again.” We crack the Top 50 (God, that meant a lot more when I was doing 100 of these) with the show that introduced me to the wonders of Contemporary Cable Drama…and binge-watching. It was a dangerous combination.…


Ranking the Books in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favorite book series. I know this isn’t a particularly novel opinion; with the explosive popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones, everyone and their aunts are giving George RR Martin’s epic saga a read and discovering how rich, complicated, and satisfying the series is. While my previous look…


The Earn This Podcast, Episode 15: Beer!

Download link (you may have to right click and “Save As”) Beer is a wonderful thing. And, lucky for us, we have a resident beer enthusiast on staff: Colton. Intrigued by what he had to teach us, Mike (ETCast newcomer) and I sat down for a competition of beer tasting as prepared by Colton, who…


Brian’s Top 10 “Imogen Quest” Strips

Esteemed Friend of the Blog Olivia Walch celebrates her birthday today, and to mark the occasion (as well as to rectify the yawning gap in our “Year of 100 Lists” series), I’ve prepared a quick tribute to Imogen Quest, Olivia’s excellent webcomic. A comic of myths and maths, Imogen Quest has provided me with many a laugh since 2010,…


Ranking the Stories in ‘My True Love Gave to Me’

Due to my seasonal-related workload, I’m one of those people who gets bummed when the thermometer starts to rise. Summer means stress. Thus, I often get tempted in May and June to find some sort of chilly escape. This year, I read through the short story collection My True Love Gave to Me, which is a series…


Showdown: The Fault in Our Stars vs. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Two summers, two well-reviewed teen cancer dramadies for teens based off of award-winning YA books. Though they are quite different in tone and theme, the two beg to be compared and contrasted. So: Fault vs. Earl. Who ya got? Let’s take a look, category by category. Source Book: I really, really love Earl — it’s somehow both funnier and sadder than Fault,…


The Earn This Podcast, Episode 14: Reviewing Inside Out

Download link (you may have to right click and “Save As”) Kevin and I sat down to review Pixar’s latest, Inside Out, wondering where it ranks among Pixar’s filmography and in the scheme of recent animated films. We discuss some of the things that tie Pete Docter’s movies together and look forward to The Good Dinosaur.


The Earn This Podcast, Episode 13: The Legend of Korra

Download link (you may have to right click and “Save As”) Just a bit after the conclusion of the fantastic The Legend of Korra, Brian and I sat down to discuss the show, how it compares to Avatar, and how the different seasons compare to each other. Though a bit delayed, our opinions still ring…


Top Ten Animated Girlfriends: Disney’s Leading Women

I don’t wanna hear it–animated characters are hot. Let’s talk about the ones I’d like to date. Oh, here’s some clarifying rules for the list. 1. Disney does not equal Pixar 2. Only 2D-animated characters allowed 3. No animals or otherwise non-human characters allowed 4. Must be of at least teenager age 5. Must star in…