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Hey Earn This friends and readers…

Back in 2009, I started this blog with one of my friends during my senior year of college. 13 years, 22 writers, 900 articles, and 1.2 million readers later, we’ve entered adulthood and have all moved to bigger and (debatably) better endeavors.

I’m excited to share with you one such effort, my biggest nonfiction writing project since I started this blog 40% of my life ago…

My movie review web site, The Goods: Film Reviews. The site was soft-launched in 2020 but fully launched just a few weeks ago. The archive already includes several hundred reviews.

The site is a companion to the podcast that my fellow Earn This writer, Brian, and I started back during the pandemic: The Goods: A Film Podcast, which is nearing 100 weekly episodes when I write this.

I hope you’ll come check out my film reviews and also give our pod a listen.

Or just keep clicking through our Earn This archives. You’re always welcome here, too.


Dan S
Earn This – Co-Founder / Editor
The Goods – Co-Founder / Critic / Podcast Host

Dan and Brian from Earn This now have a film review site and podcast:

The Goods: Film Reviews

The Goods: A Film Podcast

Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.

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