Why are there no recaps of seasons 4-6 of The Wonder Years?

I wrote full recaps and analyses of the The Wonder Years, seasons 1-3, but I stopped writing them when I started watching the beginning of season 4. Why? There are really two reasons: First, the beginning of the fourth season didn’t really give me much to write about. It was less that there was a tremendous dip in quality, and more that I felt like I had less to say about each episode.

But the bigger reason was that I had really been sucked into the show and I hated having to wait until I wrote a recap to watch the next episode. So I decided to put off writing the recaps, perhaps to return to the task after I’d completed the series. I would like to some day finish writing them.

So I apologize to anyone who was curious to hear what I thought about those later episodes.

For the record: I thought the ratio of successful episodes to unsuccessful ones was about 1 to 2 in the fourth season, 1 to 1 in the fifth, and 3 to 1 in the sixth. Honestly, the second half of the sixth season rivals the best the show ever did. I wish the show could have reached its logical conclusion one year later at Kevin’s high school graduation, but the ending they gave us is tremendously satisfying, so I’m not too bummed about it.

Hopefully I will some day finish up writing about the series. In the mean time, here’s a music video for the song “Winnie Cooper is a Goddamned Whore” (foul language warning).

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3 thoughts on “Why are there no recaps of seasons 4-6 of The Wonder Years?

  1. Hi, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts on TWY episodes (having recently rediscovering the show on Amazon). And I was glad to see you start up again on Season 4 after taking a hiatus. I agree: a lot of the show’s best episodes come from Seasons 1-3, but I’d be very interested to read your take on certain installments from Seasons 4-6—especially “Heartbreak,” “Denial,” “The Accident,” “Private Butthead,” and the series finale. Hope to see you start up again in the near future. Thanks again for your great work thus far!

    • Thanks for the note, Brian. I really appreciate your kind words, and recapping seasons 4-6 is definitely on my to-do list! I’ll send you an email when I start putting more of them up. Cheers

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