Song of the Day: “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof

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If “Dear Theodosia” tugs the parental heartstrings, “Sunrise, Sunset” rips them out and stomps on them. Every parent has heard (and/or used) the same adage: “They grow up so fast.” Heck, my daughter is almost a year old, and it feels like just last week we brought her home from the hospital.

This song takes that feeling of time blinking away and transmutes it into the ultimate happy-sad-love-cry ballad, a mushy ball of emotions. The verses mourn evaporated childhood with minor key, low-register crooning. Yet everything crests in the swooning chorus that ticks like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, with every emotional production trick in the book. (Huge chorus vocals, swelling strings, etc.)

Thankfully my daughter is still a little one, so this song isn’t a wrecking ball to me… yet. Give it time. If it makes me even a little emotional at 1 year old, I can’t imagine 10 or 20 years from now.

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