Song of the Day: “All Work” by Fever High

Who is Adam Schlesinger? Find out this week, as I explore some of my favorite tracks by the power pop savant.

As if Schlesinger didn’t already have enough on his plate (see tomorrow’s song for even more), he debuted another music project in late 2017: Fever High, ostensibly his third flagship band, after Ivy and possibly-broken-up Fountains of Wayne.

Where Ivy boasted a serene, tuneful indie pop sound with splashes of electronica and Fountains of Wayne perfected suburban ennui in power pop, Fever High appropriates synthy, new wave pop. It’s wine spritzer in music form, just as sugary and intoxicating and disarming. There’s also a hint of Manhattan glamour; it’s easy to imagine this playing in the lobby of a glitzy hotel or fancy restaurant in Midtown.

Their debut, FHNY, goes down smooth, if not particularly memorably. The debut single “All Work” has the most infectious earworm. If you’re going for oddball fun, there’s the Jeff Goldblum feature in “Good Advice.” I hope to hear more Fever High in the future, as it’s a good outlet for Schlesinger’s hooks; I only hope they can innovate and surprise as much as they glimmer.

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