Song of the Day: “Tranciever” by Itsue

This week, Dan’s brother Will is a guest host for the Song of the Day (or この日の歌).

When you can’t understand the words, the voice just becomes another instrument.

Itsue is probably the most obscure band of the seven I’ve spotlighted this week (with the possible exception of Shione Yukawa). For one thing, they don’t have a Wikipedia page. In fact, the only information I could really find in English about the band is from their official website, which has a description of the band in less than perfect English. My favorite line from this page is probably in the description of the formation of the band: “They felt fabulously interested in Mizuki’s voice.” Indeed, I, too, am fabulously interested in her voice. Its beautiful and almost longing tone suits the hard-rocking instrumentals of the band

There are many songs where you can boil down everything you like about the song to a single moment. Your favorite part in the song, where it just clicks. For dubstep songs, this is the bass drop, for ska songs, it’s the horn break. Whatever it is, this is almost always the identifying part of that song. For “Tranciever,” I think this moment happens thirty-five seconds into the song, when the explosive backbeat hits. The complex drum part complements the pristine vocals and rhythm guitar perfectly, and you get this moment of a musical high that is hard to beat.

From there, the song remains great, fully taking advantage of Mizuki’s voice and delivering a great song.

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