Song of the Day: “Shine” by the Newsboys

When I was maybe twelve years old, my uncle and cousin (both devout born-again Christians) gave me two CD’s for Christmas: a Skillet album and a best-of Newsboys album. Both, unsurprisingly to me, have strong Christian messages. While I ended up enjoying both of them, I really stuck to The Newsboys (not to be confused with Newsies): These Australians boasted personality and an uncanny knack for blending poppy electronica with memorable tunes.

The real winner, to my ears, is “Shine.” It features a resounding chorus that sticks in your head. But it’s verses, with a funky, syncopated rhythm, I really love. Somehow, fifteen years later, I still enjoy this song, even as I find the idea of “Christian rock” less appealing than ever.

I never quite figured out why it’s so important to teach the poor origami, though.

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