Song of the Day: “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra

There’s always a fuzzy line between tasteless and hilarious (just ask It’s Always Sunny, the essence of that line). Somewhere in the ten years or so since I first heard “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” it’s flipped from one side of that line to the other. Maybe it’s just because I’m married, but the premise of someone bragging to a boyfriend that his girlfriend is cheating now seems crass and unpleasant, not fun.

It’s a shame, because I love the tune and production of this song. It’s a pop punk stand out. I especially enjoy the percussive use of the repeated line, “Scotty doesn’t know!” It gives the refrain a punch that I quite like.

All of this is not to mention the fantastic use of the song in the comedy EuroTrip, a favorite of me and some friends in high school. The scene stars Matt Damon as the lead singer (and, yes, the main character is named Scotty and his ex-girlfriend Fiona — it must have been written for the movie). Just watch this scene and try to tell me that Leonardo DiCaprio could’ve pulled this off. There is your Leo versus Damon debate solved. All it took was four lewd minutes.

Another memory of this song: For a long time, my friend Nathaniel and I could not find any trace of any other Lustra song. (It turns out they had a minor release, plus some songs under a different band name.) So we thought this was the only song that Lustra had released. Nathaniel gave them the honorary title of “Best One Song Band Ever.” I guess he didn’t hear me and my brothers short-lived ska band The Presidential Flashcards practice our cover of “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish.

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