Song of the Day: “Lovebug” by The Jonas Brothers

As I mentioned in my review of “Levels” by Nick Jonas, I am a fan of the Jo Bros. I think boy bands, in general, can make really appealing pop music. And I think Jonas Brothers, in particular, built a power pop sound, blending frothy pop hooks with rock instrumentation and dynamic harmonies.

I considered nominating several of their songs as their Song of the Day: Adam Schlesinger wrote anthem “I Am What I Am,” which would have been a good candidate for Adam’s spotlight week. Meanwhile, “Burnin’ Up” has a great hook. If I made a “bad rap breaks” week, it would have been a mortal lock.

But I ultimately deferred to my favorite JB tune, “Lovebug.” It opens with a timbre that’s part old-timey pastiche, part “I’m Yours.” The acoustic instrumentation and genteel lyrics that suggest a chaste courtship. It’s catchy and pleasant… and so Purity Ring.

Then the song crescendos to a description of a first kiss, before raging into a elecrtric guitar-backed frenzy. The narrator as a horndog is unleashed with one implied make-out session. It’s a great, high-wire moment. I love that it tells a genuine story through its production alone. It allows you to interpret the song as a endorsement of the restrained lyrics, or a subtle rejection, and it works either way.

The song’s main appeal, though, is that it’s a hum-along, power pop bopper. Those are hard to go wrong when they’re well-made.

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