Song of the Day: “Goodbye to You” by Michelle Branch

Will [5:50 PM]:
is there a better song
goodbye stranger by supertramp?
no, there is not
dan you should just stop your song of the day articles
b/c the song of the day
every day
is goodbye stranger
by supertramp

Dan [6:37 PM]:
My rule is one song per artist, so i can’t pick it every day
Maybe I’ll do a “songs that aren’t goodbye stranger week”
and rate each song based on how similar it is to Goodbye Stranger

Don’t be confused! Both tracks’ titles start with the word “Goodbye.” This may lead you to think that Michelle Branch’s breakout hit is very similar to Supertramp’s landmark single. I implore you not to make this mistake.

You see, “Goodbye Stranger” is one of the greatest pop songs of all time, while “Goodbye to You” is very average. Another difference is that I have never seen a Supertramp side-project live in college, whereas I saw The Wreckers for $10 as a freshman. Branch did not play “Goodbye to You” at that concert, nor did she play “Goodbye Stranger.”

Lyrically, the songs have some overlap. Both address former partners in the second person. Both songwriting credits are to the respective performers. Yet, Branch’s lyrics are much more the point of her song, and also much less interesting than those of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson’s.

I give “Goodbye To You”‘s similarity to “Goodbye Stranger”: ★★½ out of ★★★★★.

Click here for the full list

Click here for the full list

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