Song of the Day: “Gold Trans Am” by Kesha

The saga of Kesha’s repeated abuse by her producer and mentor, Dr. Luke, is heartbreaking on numerous levels. That such horrific things could happen to women who should ostensibly have the most agency of anyone — wealthy and revered — is terrifying, and it’s harrowing and awful to hear the stories. Thank goodness she’s finally broken free, first for her wellbeing, and second we had lost one of pop’s most incandescent lights. Let’s pray these systemic problems continue to get the attention they deserve.

I haven’t listened to her new album yet, but even if it’s a musical trainwreck, it’s still a triumph of justice and perserverance. (Update: Read my micro-review in a comment below. “Praying” is a must-listen.)

Today I want to, instead, look back at Kesha in one of her brashest and most badass moments, a Joan Jett-style throwback. The indiscreet lyrics, ostensibly about a car, have sexual overtones, and undertones, and every other type of tones. But the real winner is the boss production that modernizes the aesthetic of “I Love Rock and Roll” with a flashy, relentless pop sheen.

And to think they tucked this gem away as a bonus track. Listen to it once, and then listen to it 50 times more, because it will fire you up every time.

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4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: “Gold Trans Am” by Kesha

  1. If you’re gonna talk about the Dr. Luke thing, but haven’t heard her new stuff, you should at least do yourself a favor and listen to “Praying.” Also, “Rainbow” (the title track) was produced by Ben Folds.

    • Here’s what I’ll do… I’ll listen to the album, and if I feel I have any additional thoughts or context to add to this post, I will.

      • Finally gave Rainbow a listen. Though it’s not quite as incandescent as her earlier albums, I quite like it! You are right that “Praying” is a stunner given the context.

        I was impressed that the album stayed good all the way through, even picking up steam in its second half. I think she should continue to explore the glammy, over-the-top angle of “Boogie Feet” in future albums.

  2. Only just realized you’ve actually got one for every day so far. Until now I’d only seen the sticky post. Very commendable! Perhaps you will inspire me to get posting again.
    Oh, and you currently have this song listed as “GRAND Trans Am” in the sticky, overarching post.

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