Song of the Day: “Forever” by Chris Brown (The Office)

This week, I’ll be writing about songs featured in some of my favorite musical moments from some of my favorite TV shows. Be warned that I don’t shy away from spoilers.

It’s built around a spoof of a semi-viral YouTube video… which is scored by a mediocre Chris Brown song… which is an extended jingle of a Wrigley’s gum commercial… yet, it makes a an absolutely perfect moment of TV as Jim and Pam’s wedding.

The scene cuts between cast members doing goofy dances down the church aisle and Jim and Pam’s private vows in front of Niagara Falls. The scenes are mostly silent except for the background music (and the effect of Dwight kicking a bridesmaid). As a three minute clip, it works as a perfect summation of the two central elements of The Office: the ensemble antics and the emotional core of Jim and Pam’s relationship.

It concludes with one of those absolutely stunning shots that The Office would pull out once a season or so (unfortunately not included in the above clip, but here’s a screencap below): A soaked Jim and Pam holding each other, staring out into the falls as they ponder their bright future.


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