Song of the Day 2018


Hey friends: In 2018, I’m planning to occasionally spotlight a “song of the day.”

Here are all the postings, starting with most recent.


For each song I spotlight, I will write a brief description of the song and my reaction to it. The songs will not necessarily be my favorite songs, but they will generally be songs that I like. I will try to select a wide variety of songs to cross-section my taste in music. Accompanying write-ups will vary from a couple sentences to a few paragraphs.

For each song I will plan to embed a YouTube video of the song so you can listen while you read. In addition, I will plan to update the Spotify playlist lower on this page to include every song I highlight that is available. I won’t “sticky” every song spotlight to the top of the front page, but I will keep this page stickied.

Important rule: One song per artist, and not necessarily my favorite song for each artist

Songs of the Day

I will periodically update this list to include every song I spotlight.

Spotify Playlist


  • STATMYALTIYCHBBITGSOAT: Song that, at the moment you are listening to it, you can’t help but believe it’s the greatest song of all time
  • TPOFUTYUOIT: The paradox of feeling utterly timeless, yet undeniably of its time
  • Influencer Reduction Paradox: When something is unique and great, it influences future artists. Then, a lot of later things resemble that thing, perhaps refining the originals’ technique or formula. The result is that the original Influencer now seems a lot less unique and great… specifically because it was unique and great.

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