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Dear Readers,

Dutch post-rock crew All Shall Be Well has announced the winner of the Storytellers contest I told you about.  I hope some of you submitted!  This is an exciting project, and I encourage all of you to follow along at the band’s website, where they will be posting updates over time to “make the songwriting process very transparent” as they work towards their next album.  Fans of music with heart (as opposed to mass-produced pop) and fans of artistic pursuits of all kinds should take advantage of this chance to get insight into the process of writing a soundtrack song based on a short story.  Since the band will be detailing their own progress, the next update you’ll see on this page will probably be a review when the new album is released late this year.

See the announcement at All Shall Be Well dot NL and follow the band via your favorite social network.  Don’t forget to name your price for their first release, ROODBLAUW, on bandcamp, or stream and download 30-second compositions at soundcloud!

Dan and Brian from Earn This now have a film review site and podcast:

The Goods: Film Reviews

The Goods: A Film Podcast

Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.

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