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Crashfuse-Press-PhotoRising up through the ranks, CrashFuse has arrived to put the city of Buffalo on the musical map.  They’ve earned cred the hard way through dedication to craft while pleasing local fans with frequent shows around their part of the state.  But enough from me: let’s let the boys introduce themselves.

(Earn This:) For the uninitiated, what is CrashFuse all about?

(CrashFuse:) CrashFuse is an American band from Buffalo, NY.  Emerging in 2011, CrashFuse boasts a melodramatic fusion of catchy melodies, captivating Pop and heavy hitting Alternative Rock.

I’ve seen your sound likened to alt rock acts like Counting Crows and Lifehouse, but I definitely hear a strong hard rock undercurrent in the spirit of Buckcherry or Hinder. What groups do you guys consciously take after, or what influences do you try to blend?

For all of us individually, our iPod playlists are surprisingly different. Periodically, when we’re on the road, we’ll be listening to music genres from Jazz to Hardcore. We definitely enjoy listening to the music groups that you have stated, but we also strive to collaborate many styles of music together to create our original blend of CrashFuse. We’re always incorporating different ideas into both studio and live recordings, we’re very proud to introduce on the new album.

Between You, Me, and the Lamppost dropped just a few months ago. Tell me what it feels like to have that physical (and digital) product out there in people’s stereos and headphones.

It feels incredible! Since the release of the album, the feedback has been outstanding and it has opened new opportunities that we never thought would be possible. The album has just recently been added to Pandora Radio, Spotify and other major music distribution sites. It has also been receiving airplay on radio stations throughout the United States and Australia, so we’re very excited.

[Note: for a taste of the action, check out the album trailer.]

For a band that only got together at the end of 2011, y’all sound remarkably in sync on the album. Do you each have years of experience playing? Any feelings of instant connections between the four of you?

We all have many years of prior experience in past bands. Before CrashFuse, Colin (drums) and Nick (bass) were gigging out under the name “Second Nature.” Chad (vocals) was a local solo artist at the time, which eventually lead to the trio forming together. Mike (lead guitar) was added to the band in 2013 and we’re very fortunate to have him.

I find that I enjoy the songs more as they go, and more each time I hear them. There are some killer grooves you dig into (e.g., “Sweet Routine”) and I love to crank the volume for the solos (e.g., “Fall on Your Feet”). Anyone want to take credit for the songwriting, or is it a team effort?

Thank you! It’s certainly a team effort with incorporating ideas for the final conformity, but normally our vocalist Chad creates a large chunk of the songwriting. Sometimes, only a riff or a completely finished song will be presented to the group and it will go into an enduring editing process. We never settle on anything haphazard. We’re always looking for the “what can we do to make this sound better.”

You’ve certainly been putting yourselves out there, playing constantly in and around upstate NY. What’s the farthest you’ve gone for a show so far, and are there any plans in the works for a coastline or midwestern tour?

In the past, we did an acoustic set in Canada, but as far as full-band, we’ve traveled through the majority of Western New York. As of right now, we don’t have plans for a Coastline/Midwestern tour, but small mini-tours have certainly been in our thoughts for 2015.

The reviews have been positive and you guys have been getting some radio play. How are your fans? Getting rowdier and more numerous by the week, I hope!

We are VERY fortunate to have a fantastic fanbase! Since the release of Between You, Me, and the Lamppost, we’re very proud to say that all of the radio play has gained us new fans outside of the United States. We’ve shipped albums and merchandise to people in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Once you’ve claimed ReverbNation’s top spot on the Buffalo Pop charts, you’re qualified to speak for the city. What’s the music scene like there? Is there any risk of outgrowing the venues that exist?

Recently, Buffalo is rapidly changing in a very good way. Although there has always been an great underground local music scene, music and art are starting to blossom on a monumental level, especially on the waterfront. We’ve lost a couple outstanding venues in the past few years, but new venues are continuing to be created or rebuilt. We’re proud to be a part of such a supportive artistic and musical city.

What are your favorite songs off the new album to perform? Is there already new (post-Lamppost) material getting played live?

To only name a few, “Sweet Routine,” “Waiting,” “Just A Little,” and “Out Of Lives” are some of our favorites to play live. It’s really cool to see the emotional connection between us and spectators. As far as new material, we’re currently writing and will start recording again in the late fall.

Koozies that read “Who the hell is CrashFuse?!” are the sign of a band with a chip on its shoulder. What’s it going to take for you to earn that recognition and get on America’s collective iPod?

We strive to heavily promote with good design/marketing strategies. We thought that the “Who the hell is CrashFuse?!” koozies were a great comical conversation piece at any bar. Other than koozies, we have a cool “Wheel of Fortune” styled spinner at our merchandise table, where people can win exclusive prizes! We truly believe that hard work and dedication is our drive to propel forward.

Bonus Question: Any debate within the band over the Oxford comma in the album name?

There was a little bit of debate with the Oxford comma, but we decided to keep it. We liked the fact that the comma separates the three object locations apart from each other (YouMe, and The Lamppost).

Stream tracks, buy awesome koozies and more at CrashFuse.com, or link up with the band’s Facebook and Twitter for your daily dose.

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