Dan’s Top 100 Everything: TOP TEN, GET HYPE!!!!


Wow. It’s hard to believe that the end is in sight.

When I launched “Dan’s Top 100 Everything” back in January, I had a vision of something I could whip up in a couple months, with most articles serving as brief summaries. I even stated that I hoped to publish one article in the series per day. (Whoops.)

I quickly realized how unsatisfying this approach would be. It seemed like a disservice to glaze over these things that have meant so much to me over the years. I wanted to not only you tell you what I loved, but WHY I loved it. I owe you all that.

What has ensued has been an epic struggle on par with a Lord of the Rings book, at least on a word count level. And the final boss is still on the horizon: The Top Ten.

If you’ve been following the Breakdown by Medium that I’ve been keeping up to date with my posts, you know what’s left:

  • 4 music entries
  • 2 movie entries
  • 2 TV entries
  • 1 game entry
  • 1 book entry

If you’ve been reading the site over the years, you might be able to guess many (possibly all) of the entries. If you know me at all, or have read more than a few articles on Earn This, you could probably rattle off at least a couple. I doubt anyone has been paying close enough attention to get every single one… but maybe you have. (And if anyone wants to indulge me and see which of the ten they can guess, feel free to do so in the comments.)

But I will say this: When I conceived of the notion of smashing all different media together into one master list of things I love, I immediately wrote down my top twenty. I’ve rearranged the order several times, but the items in the top ten have stayed constant.

These top ten things aren’t just an arbitrary grouping of ten items: These are a special, rarefied collection. The type of things that are a part of my pop culture DNA, the standard bearers by which I compare everything else. These aren’t just “things” — they’re memories, they’re nostalgia, they’re benchmarks for the culture I’ve consumed as I’ve grown up, they’re insights into my heart and soul.

In other words… GET HYPE. (Relevant ASOIAF spoiler video.)

PS: Because I love you all, here is a bonus BOTTOM Everything article.



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