Dan’s Top 100 Everything: #23 Eve 6

Eve 6

If you’ve been reading Earn This, you’ve known from the start that I have a minor obsession with this trio from La Crescenta-Montrose. The second article I ever wrote for Earn This was a (poorly written) review of It’s All In Your Head, which is still one of my ten or fifteen favorite albums in the world.

The band’s other two albums are nearly as good, too. It’s infrequent for a band to grow so much across three albums, then completely disappear. (And maybe they should have stayed disappeared; their comeback album has not sat nicely since its release in 2012.)

Colton and I have already covered Eve 6’s career in great depth. Just over a year ago, we completed a “discourse” of the band, their career, and their legacy. It’s quite possibly my favorite article we’ve ever published on Earn This. (It also resulted in one of the few nice comments I remember receiving: “Damn, I loved this. I read every word and was sad when it wrapped up.” Thanks for the comment, Kat, whoever you are.)

Here’s the link:

Eve 6’s Legacy: A Discourse Through Correspondence

And, to all of you out there who still headbang to “Still Here Waiting” and choke up to “Here’s to the Night” and sing along with every stinking syllable of “Promise” even though it’s 13 years since they faded into obscurity (and 11 years since their last good album)… Here’s a toast to all those that hear me all too well.


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