ETCast, Episode 007 (Part 1) – Most Iconic Music by Decade, ’50s-’80s


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Colton and I sat down recently to discuss the most iconic pop songs by decade. We each ranked our own top five for every decade from the ’50s through the 2010s (so far).

We had a lot of fun, and I conversation extended out into two hours, so we’ve broken the podcast into two parts.

In part one we discuss the ’50s through the ’80s. Part two will be coming in the next day or two.

EDIT — Here is part two of this podcast!!!

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Colton O.

Colton O.

Colton drinks straight out of coconuts and writes about music for Earn This. He joined the site in 2009.

Dan S.

Dan is the editor of Earn This. He co-founded the site in 2009.

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