Earn This is devoted to passionate, thoughtful analysis of arts, entertainment, and pop culture. Since 2009, we’ve written features and reviews about movies, music, books, television, video games, and more.

The writers of Earn This each have a unique voice, but we share a love for the culture we write about.

Who are we?

Earn This has four regular contributors:

Dan S.

Dan is the editor of Earn This. He co-founded the site in 2009.

Grant J.

Grant J.

Grant co-founded Earn This in 2009 and is a regular contributor. His music taste makes him seem a lot weirder and sadder than he really is.

Colton O.

Colton O.

Colton drinks straight out of coconuts and writes about music for Earn This. He joined the site in 2009.

Brian T.

Brian T.

Brian is the host of the TV show Count Gauntly's Horrors from the Public Domain and the creator of Brian Terrill Movie Night. He joined Earn This in 2013.

Earn This has had several guest writers. Please e-mail Dan for more information about becoming a contributor to Earn This.

You can e-mail Dan directly with your feedback and questions about the site.

Why “Earn This?”

As you may have guessed or figured out from the embedded video, it’s a reference to Saving Private Ryan!

I’ve never been here before. Where should I start?

Check in soon for a brand new Welcome page.

You can also browse our complete Archives or view our legacy Greatest Hits page.

How can I subscribe to Earn This?

You can subscribe by e-mail here or by RSS here.

We also have some category-specific RSS feeds:

  • You can subscribe to the music articles published by e-mail here or by RSS here.
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