Brian Terrill’s Small-Screen 66

Brian here! In 2013, I counted down my 100 Film Favorites. I first wrote the posts over at Brian Terrill Movie Night, and then debuted new-and-improved versions when I transplanted the series to EarnThis. Last year, I began a sequel series, looking at a few of my favorite TV shows. The “Small-Screen 66” will be unfolding here as well as on my “Movie Night” page. While I can’t guarantee a post-a-day (as was the case for 94 glorious days last time around), I wanted to bring what I had over, to get the ball rolling and contribute to our “100 Lists” goal.

Brian Terrill’s Small-Screen 66

Dan and Brian from Earn This now have a film review site and podcast:

The Goods: Film Reviews

The Goods: A Film Podcast

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