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In 2012 we brought your attention to a unique musical project.  Dutch instrumental indie band All Shall Be Well (And All Shall Be Well And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well) sourced a short story from a fan of theirs and set out to write a piece of music based on the story.  As luck would have it, the author selected was my girlfriend, and I went on to marry her while ASBW went on writing and recording their sophomore album.

BLAUWGEEL has now been released online for pay-what-you-like downloading.  In addition, a high-quality printed book of artwork accompanying the six long-form tracks is available for pre-order.

The LP’s closer is “Buko,” the musical interpretation of my wife’s short story about a little boy growing up in the Philippines whose head just happens to be a coconut.  So I thought she’d be a better source than me for a review of the album!  Lacking the time to type out a full-length article, she opted to live tweet her first listen through of BLAUWGEEL earlier today.  Below are some choice quotes to give you a sense of ASBW’s latest work.

blauwgeelTrack 1. “For the Ones to Whome Neither the Past Nor the Future Belong”

@halozonac: If #blauwgeel were a dessert it would be a 14-layer chocolate cake

Track 2. “Some Speak of the Future, Others of the Past”

@halozonac: If #blauwgeel were a drink it would be ginger beer and dark rum

Track 3. “I’m a Hunter, Not a Thief”

@halozonac: #blauwgeel – where each song explodes color

Track 4. “I Do Not Belong”

@halozonac: If #blauwgeel were a museum it would be the botanical gardens

Track 5. “Everything Can Be Anything Else”

@halozonac: If #blauwgeel were a sport it would be kiteboarding at sunrise

Track 6. “Storytellers (Buko)”

@halozonac: I can hear the magic happening! #blauwgeel #buko

Check out ASBW’s website or find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

Colton O.

Colton O.

Colton drinks straight out of coconuts and writes about music for Earn This. He joined the site in 2009.

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